8 ways to boost your immune system

The immune system protects our body from getting infected with diseases; it helps fight viruses and bacteria that make you sick. The immune system defends the body against infection and disease; it fights anything from common illnesses like the flu and cold to other diseases. Multiple nutrients from a healthy diet maintain a strong immune system. Our immune systems are complex and subject to a variety of influences. Vaccines increase resistance to particular diseases. You can also boost your immune system by eating healthy foods, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight, getting enough sleep, quitting smoking, and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption.

1) Getting enough sleep can improve your immunity. When you are ill, you might sleep more to help your immune system fight the illness more effectively. Inadequate sleep may increase your risk of getting sick.

2) Eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and foods that are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, and fibre can reduce the chance of getting diseases. The antioxidants in these foods assist in reducing inflammation.

3) Physical activity is another good way of boosting the immune system. Exercise benefits us by activating the sympathetic nervous system, which helps increase our blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing.

4) Our body removes all the toxins from our body through the kidneys when we remain hydrated throughout the day. Water is a natural immunity booster that offers many benefits to our body. It also purifies the blood and allows oxygen to flow freely throughout the entire body.

5) Heavy alcohol consumption can weaken your immune system, making it easier to get sick and harder to recover from illness. Your immune system needs fewer bacteria when you drink, and alcohol reduces the number of antibodies that can fight infection.

6) Healthy fats may boost your body’s immune response to pathogens by reducing inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, chia seeds, and olive oil are highly anti-inflammatory.

7) Eating fermented foods and taking probiotic supplements can boost immunity. Kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, tempeh, kombucha, and yoghurt are examples of common fermented foods. These foods can improve immunity, digestion, and lower the risk of heart disease.

8) Smoking can reduce the levels of antioxidants in the bloodstream, including vitamin C levels. Your immune system is weakened when you smoke. This raises your risk of catching the cold and other severe diseases.

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