A felicitous salad to soothe your heart

If you are looking for an exotic but super simple salad to warm the cockles of your heart, try out the yummy and healthy grilled chicken salad. Chicken, as you all know, is a quality protein, and sesame seeds contain anti-inflammatory properties and are a great source of healthy fats. Let’s get started with a flavorful, protein packed and yummy salad.

Grilled chicken salad


1.    Chicken breast – 2 no’s
2.    Ginger garlic paste -1 tbsp
3.    Lemon juice – 1 ½ tsp
4.    Olive oil – 1 tbsp + oil for grilling chicken
5.    Salt – as per taste
6.    Paprika –1/2 tsp
7.    Honey – 1 tsp
8.    Garlic – 1 tbsp (finely chopped)
9.    Onion – 2 no’s (medium sized)
10.    Zucchini – 1\2 (small green and yellow)
11.    Button Mushroom – 5 no’s (chopped)
12.    Bell pepper – 1\2 cup(chopped)
13.    Sweet corn- 1\4 cup
14.    Broccoli – 1 cup (chopped)
15.    Italian herbs – 1 tsp
16.    Black pepper – 1 1\2 tsp
17.    Cucumber – 1 no’s
18.    Mayonnaise – 1\4 cup
19.    Greek yogurt – 1\4 cup
20.    Walnut – 3-4 no’s (roasted)
21.    Pumpkin seeds- 1 tbsp
22.    Boiled eggs – 1 no’s


For marination, add ginger garlic paste, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, paprika, and honey to the chicken breast and keep it aside for 15-20 minutes.

Heat a tbsp olive oil in a saucepan, and finely chop the garlic and onion. Sort it until it turns golden brown. Zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, sweet corn, and broccoli can be gradually added. To this, add paprika, salt, Italian herbs, and black pepper to make it more flavorful. 2 tablespoons of oil should now be used to grill the chicken. Cook for 4-5 minutes on each side until it’s golden brown.

For the sauce:

Take another bowl and add mayonnaise, Greek yogurt, pepper powder, lemon juice, and salt. Blend it well.

To this sauce, add cucumber, tomato, sorted veggies, chopped grilled chicken breast, roasted walnuts, and pumpkin seeds, and mix well. The colorful, fabulously satiating grilled chicken salad is ready to be devoured. Yummy, yum, the grilled chicken salad is ready to be served. Go try this out!