A few Insights into Why we ignore our Gut Instincts

Almost always, intuition is right. Our bodies express that we should either fight or flee when we recognise that something is not going in the appropriate way for us. Furthermore, the nervous system begins to become uneasy, which lets us know that something is not right. Such circumstances act as triggers for us, and we get the uneasy feeling that something is wrong.

These are some reasons why we ignore our gut feelings.

Trust: Because our intuition has been mistaken previously and we have experienced instances where it has been proven to be incorrect, we frequently do not trust our gut emotions. So, we choose to disregard it and follow the current.

Not the right fit for us: We occasionally desire things that we already know are not suitable for us. We have a gut feeling that obtaining the object can be harmful, but we still desire it and choose to ignore this inclination.

Difference: There are instances when we are unable to distinguish between our intuition and feelings of fear, worry, and training from past traumas. As a result, we begin to dismiss it as just another undesirable emotion.

Distracted: We can get diverted from who we are or how we are feeling when we are busy or distracted. This makes a significant distinction between how we feel and how we respond to a circumstance.

Reality: Sometimes acting on an instinctual need can be the hardest thing to accomplish. It feels challenging; therefore, we choose not to do it. Thus, we disregard our gut instinct and choose the simpler course of action.