Actor Mammootty’s upcoming movie ‘Bazooka’ title poster revealed

Mammootty has committed to his upcoming film, “Bazooka,” which is recognised for its unique characters and plots. On yesterday, the film’s makers unveiled the title look poster. In the poster, Mammootty is posed proudly with his back to the viewer. In spite of being the target of several snipers who have pointed their weapons at him, he appears calm in the poster.

The movie, which Deeno Dennis wrote and directed, is expected to be a suspenseful gaming thriller. Theatre of Dreams & Saregama are in charge for producing the film.

Fans are also intrigued by the title. The word ‘Bazooka’ refers to a tiny, light antitank weapon that fires an armour-piercing rocket from the shoulder.

Mammootty’s last film, “Rorschach,” which was released in theatres last year, generated a lot of buzz due to its name. Additionally, the movie went on to achieve commercial success. The movie’s director of photography is Nimish Ravi, who also worked on Rorschach.

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