Actress Andrea Jeremiah shared pictures from Bhutan calls herself as ‘a joyful traveller’

Bhutan, the Himalayan nation, is known for taking ‘happiness’ seriously. Andrea Jeremiah, the actress who claims that she is a single joyful traveller from India, recently visited the country, which is recognised for operating on the idea of Gross National Happiness.

The Tamil singer-actress, who won Malayali hearts with films like ‘Annayum Rasoolum,’ has been posting photos from her recent trip to Bhutan. Her most recent social media post is a shot of the ‘Punakha Dzong,’ or fort, which is known for being the country’s second-oldest and biggest fort. The lovely setting lies in the Punakha Valley, between the rivers Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu. “It is surrounded by jacaranda blossoms and is quite a sight to behold,” Andrea said in her post.

She had previously posted a picture of herself dressed in traditional Bhutanese attire with the comment, ‘In another life.’ Deepika Padukone just posted some beautiful pictures from her vacation in Bhutan.

Bhutan’s spring season lasts from March to May, and this is regarded as the best time to visit the nation. It’s also known as the ‘rhododendron’ season since this flower blooms throughout the country during these months.

This is also said to be the month when you obtain the best pictures in the country. Punakha Dzong, the valley town of Paro, the country’s capital Thimpu, the snow-capped mountain peaks of Haa Valley, and the Dochu La mountain pass are among the greatest sites in the country this season.

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