Actress Anu Aggarwal recollects walking out of a modelling project

Anu Aggarwal, in a recent interview recollected an incident that happened in 1988. She walked off a project when she was insisted of applying fair make-up on her face. She preferred to go with her skin tone rather than using artificial make-up. She was against unreasonable beauty standards and was bold enough to embrace herself. According to her, glorification of fair complexion was something that came along with the British, and the bold women from Rajasthan and similar states in India were dusky.

She always felt confident in herself and stood up for whom she is.  Anu asserted the importance of self-belief. At the end of the day believing in oneself leads the path to self-love.

She came to the limelight with the popular film “Aashiqui” and is still outshining in her modelling career.

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