Actress Shamna Kasim blessed with a baby boy

Actress Shamna Kasim and her husband Shanid welcomed their first child. The actress gave birth to a healthy baby boy while she was admitted to a private hospital in Dubai. According to reports, the mother and the child are both safe.

Shamna, who has appeared in a number of South Indian films, announced her pregnancy in December of last year. In October, she married Shanid, a businessman from the United Arab Emirates. With her YouTube channel, Shamna would frequently post updates regarding her pregnancy.

Shamna, a native of Kannur, met Shanid during a discussion about the requirements for her Golden Visa. “Despite numerous invitations from the UAE government to obtain the Golden Visa, my busy shooting schedule prevented me from going to pick it up. At that time, Shanid organised a programme in Dubai called “Marhaba.” The occasion was our first opportunity to meet. We became attracted to one another after first meeting and talking. Also speaking were our relatives. Everything finally clicked into place. When we were thinking about other things, things began to happen as though God had bigger plans.” When my parents proposed marriage to me in the past, I would typically have a long list of demands, but with Shanid I didn’t have many. Within a month, everything was decided. There weren’t many days available for a quick courtship. She had previously stated in an interview, “I felt really at ease chatting to him.