Adil Khan Durrani, Rakhi Sawant’s husband, was arrested after she filed a police report 

Adil Khan Durrani, the husband of Rakhi Sawant, is said to have been detained and taken to the Oshiwara police station in Mumbai after the star filed a FIR against him. The actor claimed on Monday that Adil was mismanaging her cash while she was competing in Bigg Boss Marathi last year. She also claimed to have asked him to take care of her elderly mother, Jaya Sawant, who passed away on January 29 following a protracted fight with cancer. Rakhi said that Adil was to blame for her mother’s passing because he hadn’t paid for her surgery on time.

Rakhi provided an update on his Tuesday arrest and mentioned that she would be arriving at the station to discuss the situation. After going home to meet her, he was taken into custody. She said in a statement to the media, “There is no media present, at all. Issne meri zindagi kharab ki. Quran pe haath rakh ke bhi, mujhe mara hai, mera paisa loota hai. This is not theatre, Issne mere saath cheating kiya hai. He’s destroyed my life. While placing his hand on the Quran, he beat me up and took my money. He defrauded me.” She claimed to have provided all the evidence necessary to ascertain the truth.

Rakhi recently published the name of Adil’s claimed lover via Instagram and paparazzi videos. Last week, she also announced to the media that Adil was having an adulterous affair.

Rakhi and Adil were spotted together on Monday while out to dinner with friends. Rakhi is shown being fed by Adil in the video, which was posted on a Paparazzo account. “Ji ha woh maafi magne aya thye lekin mai kabhi maff nahi karungi (Yes, he had come to apologise, but I will never forgive him),” she said in a tear-emoji-filled remark on the paparazzi footage.

In a later interview with the media, Rakhi stated: “I’ve always fed him at home, so no maafi, maafi mushkil hain. Who knows if I’ll be giving him food after this? Yes, I gave him some food today. Even your enemies get water when they get home. My husband is him. No apologies, but I shall adore him until the day I die. I’m not sorry; forgiving is difficult.”