Ajay Vasudev and Nishad Koya join up for K. Shameer’s film

Following the success of ‘Pakalum Pathiravum,’ Ajay Vasudev and famous scriptwriter and producer Nishad Koya are teaming up again. Both are playing major roles in the film. The pooja and switch-on of the film were held in Kochi. Way to Films and Beyond Cinema Creatives produced it. This is the film after K. Shameer’s Oru Jati Manman. This is their first full-length film together. The film, which will begin shooting on March 16, is tentatively titled ‘Production No. 2’. Pan-Indian films are available in five languages: Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, and Telugu. The film’s main locations are Palakkad, Mannarkkad, Ottapalam, and Thiruvilwamala.

Other than Ajay Vasudev and Nishad Koya, the film stars Baiju Ezhupunna, James Elia, Shahrukh Shamir, Ashraf Gurukal, Iranian actor Riyad Mohammad, Hyderali, Jayakrishnan, Shriya Iyer, Jeeja Surendran, and Liji Joy, as well as many newcomers. Krishna Praveena, a newcomer, is the heroine. Harish AV is the cinematographer for the film, and Jerin Raj is the editor. Unacio composed the music, and Dilip Kutchira, Suhail Sultan, K Shemir, and Rajkumaran wrote the lyrics.

Project Designer: P Sivaprasad, Production Controller: Santhosh Cherupoika, Art Direction: Anil Ramankutty, Costume Design: Razaq Thirur, Makeup: Sijesh Kondotty, Chief Associate Director: Unais S, Sound Design & Mix: Karun Prasad, Choreographer: Shiju Muppathadom, Action: Robincha, Studio: Sound Brewery, PRO: Manju Gopinath, P Sivaprasad, Stills: Ajmal Latif, Digital Marketing: BC Creatives, Designs: Magic Moments are the other crew members.

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