Alia Bhatt shares her skincare routine

Bollywood Actor Alia Bhatt shares her skincare routine for her fans. Alia starts her routine with a cleanser which is followed by the application of a face spray for improving water retention and prepares her skin with the help of a face massager. Here is what her skincare routine looks like.

  1. Eye cream – Eye cream helps in reducing dark circles, which also helps in dryness.
  2. Niacinamide – It is a vitamin which helps in getting rid of any fine lines, protects from pollution, hydrates the skin, and helps in regeneration of skin. It is known to balance oil production, increases the building of collagen and free radicals.
  3. Caffeine solution drops – It helps in getting rid of puffiness and hels with water retention
  4. Moisturizer- It helps in hydration
  5. Sunscreen – It is the most important part of her skincare routine and reduces sign of aging, protects skin from sunburn.


As a tip she also shared that every product applied on the face can also be put on the hands and neck.

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