Amrita replied after complaining of kindness towards the sisters, after leaving the show

Bigg Boss Season 2 received a better audience rating than the first season. The premiere favorite stars of the season came to the Bigg Boss House. That is why every episode of the show was so eager. During the big fights, there was a lot of Cold War at the Bigg Boss House. This has been on everyone’s minds ever since they left home on the 75th day. With the release of Bigg Boss House, the differences and disputes are over. Many of the problems within the House were solved. Big Boss House has had great disputes over cleanliness. Amrita, Abhirami and Katie clashed the most during the episode. Now Amrita has come up with an answer to that.

Abhirami and Amrita arrive at Bigg Boss House on the 50th day of the show. They were soon part of the show. From the very beginning, Krishna had disagreements with Amrita and Abhirami. This was revealed secretly and later in Bigg Boss House. She alleged that Amrita and Abhirami were not clean and that the clothes worn from the day the Bigg Boss came home were not washed. She was kindly told that singing is not a big thing and that it should be clean and clean.
Amrita has now come out in response to the allegations of kindness. The singer said this when she arrived at Live. Kindness may have been part of the game. What we put in there is no washing cloth. There is no space to put all the clothes in the inner drawer of the bed so the two of us can’t fit inside the dresser. There are no other bags or anything inside. Then the clothes inside the bag were tied in a bag. Amrita’s explanation is that it is not a washing cloth.
Amrita Live revealed that Arya and Tanya are in a good relationship now and that Arya is his best friend. Amruta also says she likes Fukru. They were in two slums in the House. The sisters have often clashed with Fukru. Amrita has said on many occasions that Fukru does not hesitate to take the path to win.
The sisters have also expressed their protest over the kindness of not washing clothes. The clothes that were tied were spread on the bed. The sisters said that this was a protest against kindness. The sisters were protesting when Mohanlal returned home on the 75th day of the Bigg Boss Show. Mohanlal had also asked about the clothes he had seen in bed. The sisters said this was a protest of kindness