Apple’s efforts to reposition the iPad as a laptop alternative continue with its new Magic Keyboard

It’s only designed to work with the pricey iPad Pro models. However, iPadOS cursor support extends to cheaper tablets so Logitech has stepped up with its own trackpad-equipped keyboard case that also happens to be much cheaper.

Apple’s Magic Keyboard is only available for the 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pros, and is priced at either $300, or $350 for the larger model. That’s an expensive accessory for an already expensive device. Logitech’s new Combo Touch Keyboard Case with Trackpad is designed for those who still see the iPad as a secondary device to their laptops, with the tablet only occasionally stepping in to handle light computer work like emails or casual web browsing. The Combo Touch is available in two versions for either the 3rd Generation iPad Air, or the 7th Generation non-pro iPad, and both can be found on Apple’s website now for $150.

The Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case with Trackpad includes full-sized backlit keys (it draws power from the iPad itself) and supports all of iPadOS’s multi-finger gestures without having to touch the screen. A built-in kickstand can prop the iPad up at multiple angles for various tasks (typing vs. sketching) while a row of shortcut keys gives quick access to the iPad’s home screen, Siri, and even media playback. There’s even a loop for holding the 1st Generation Apple Pencil or the Logitech Crayon, and the keyboard section can be temporarily removed, leaving the iPad still safeguarded from accidents in a protective case.