Apurva Padgaonkar and Divya Aggarwal announced their engagement 

Divya Aggarwal tweeted photos of herself with Apurva Padgaonkar and announced their engagement.

Bigg Boss OTT champion Divya Aggarwal, in her most recent Instagram post, announced her romance with Apurva Padgaonkar as well as her recent birthday celebration. She posted an affectionate picture of the two of them and referred to herself as “his baico (wife)” in the post.

In the pictures that she posted on Monday, Divya and Apurva can be seen cuddling. In one of the photos, Divya is also seen showing off her engagement ring, and in another, he is kissing her on the forehead.

She posted the pictures and wrote, “Will my smile ever fade? Most likely not. My life has recently been more exciting, and I have met the ideal companion for this voyage. His bailo is an eternal commitment. Since this significant day, I have vowed never to go alone.”

Congratulations to my jaanu,” actor Mahhi Vij added.”Can’t wait to see you get married,” the actor Abhishek Bajaj wrote. Aarti Singh and Sana Makbul, both actors, congratulated Divya on her success and added heart emojis to the post.

Come to Dubai, let’s party once again, added anchor Shefali Bagga in addition to “Soooo pleased for you both.” Rakshanda Khan, an actor, said, “Whoa whoa whoaaaa! And I overlooked THIS! Oh my God, I simply have the biggest heart for you, girl. The nicest birthday presents ever, hands down!

Varun Sood and Divya announced their breakup earlier this year, ending a four-year relationship. In a March post to Instagram, she stated: “Such a circus is life! Try to make everyone happy; nothing can go wrong, but what happens when self-love begins to dwindle? No, I don’t hold anyone responsible for what is happening to me. I’m fine with how fired up I feel right now. It’s okay if I want to breathe and live for myself! I therefore legally announce that I am living on my own and that I intend to take my time and live how I choose.”



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