Audience surprised seeing Unni Mukundhan after the screening of ‘Malikappuram’

It’s a tremendously challenging subject for filmmakers to explore and test faith. There are two options: one that asks questions about it (not advisable given the current climate we find ourselves in, no pun intended), and one that delves deeply into the feelings it evokes. A narrative that falls within the latter category is Malikappuram. It describes a young woman who, whether she encounters her deity or not, is driven by her unwavering faith.

In the recent screening of the movie ‘Malikappuram’ audience got stunned by seeing Actor Unni Mukundan at the theatre. So many audiences went emotional and embraced him. Like that so many people saw his as the actual ‘Ayyappan’ rather than a hero.

People went spiritual as they cannot picturize his as anybody else. One of the audiences hugged him as she felt he is the ‘Ayyappan’ itself.

As an actor unni mukundan was so patient and give his valuable time to spend with his fans. It is not only a spiritual film but also it has lot of emotional ups and downs which makes the audiences feel the pain that the characters go through.

The movie made a strong impact on female audiences because they got more connected with the characters. But the film also succeeded to satisfy every age group audience equally and it is one of the major successes.

When Unni Mukundhan out of the theatre more audiences covered him and took selfies and pictures. Children also got connected as they saw child characters in the film.

South Indian audiences especially malayalees are so much attached to Sabarimala and the deity. And people are equally satisfied with the film.

So far there are good reviews about the film and that makes it a good film in the line of spiritual movies.