Bala’s Vanangaan to continue without Suriya, as he opted out of the film

Vanangaan, the film by Suriya and Bala, is shelved. The National Award-winning actor opted out of the movie, which the director announced in an official statement.

For the upcoming movie Vanangaan, Suriya and director Bala reconnected after a ten-year gap. Since the movie’s first announcement earlier this year, there have been high expectations for it. It has now been revealed that Suriya opted out of participating in the movie. Yes, the actor won’t be a part of Vanangaan, director Bala announced in a statement.

Director Bala noted in a statement released on Sunday night: “My younger brother, Suriya, and I wanted to direct Vanangaan. I wasn’t sure, though, if the project was appropriate for someone like him after some alterations to the story. Suriya had complete faith in me, but he said it was my responsibility as an older brother to prevent him from getting into such a precarious situation. Therefore, Suriya and I have decided that it would be best for everyone if he opted out of the project. Suriya was actually quite upset about this choice, but it was made for the benefit of my brother.”

Bala also promised that he would definitely team up with Suriya again. The Suriya that I saw in Nandha and the Suriya that you saw in Pithamagan will undoubtedly meet up at an opportune moment. The continuation of Vanangaan without Suriya was also confirmed by the director. Considering this, it remains to be seen who will play the new lead actor in Bala’s film.

There were rumors that Suriya and Bala’s movie had been shelved in May, and they lit up the internet. The actor, however, shot down the rumors by posting a behind-the-scenes photo from the set. Suriya, who usually doesn’t pay much attention to rumors, for the first time impliedly denied the claims and stated that he was excited to return to the set.

One of the most eagerly awaited Tamil films was Vanangaan, as it featured the spectacular reunion of Suriya and Bala after a two-decade hiatus. The actor had previously received superhit movies from the filmmaker, including Nandha (2001) and Pithamagan (2003). Suriya’s career received a much-needed boost thanks to Bala’s Nandha.

Suriya’s 2D Entertainment, which acted as the production umbrella for Vanangaan when it was first announced, will no longer finance Bala’s movie either. The movie’s female protagonist is played by Krithi Shetty, and GV is working as the music composer.


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