Ben Affleck’s Secret Instagram Account revealed ?

Hollywood celebrity Ben Affleck is on Instagram — his fan has discovered his personal account, that is followed through his girlfriend Ana de Armas and previous spouse, actress Jennifer Garner. Social media user and journalist Kelsey Weekman has unearthed Affleck’s secret Instagram account, reviews mirror.Co.United kingdom.

“I discovered ben affleck’s finsta,” she wrote along with a screenshot of the account.

The account is run via a person referred to as ‘Ben’ and springs with the deal with call — @positiveattitudehunting, which seems to be a nod to his 1997 movie “Good Will Hunting”.

The account best has three followers, which includes De Armas and Garner. It is uncertain who the third person is.

The show photo appears to boost hypothesis that it’s miles Affleck’s account, because it suggests a photograph of the actor snuggling along with his female friend De Armas.

The bio for the Instagram account reads: “Just a dad who every now and then makes movies”, alongside a link to the charity that Affleck founded.

The private account also follows 14 humans and has 35 private posts.

Affleck’s lovers are excited about the mystery over his social media presence.

“who!!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes their finsta picture one in every of THEMSELVES, plenty much less one so anxious!” wrote one.

“This is the content material I need. We want the identity of that third follower,” shared any other.

One person stated: “I might sincerely supply some thing to have get right of entry to to peer what he is posting due to the fact like, you simply KNOW it is insufferable based on his profile %.”