Benefits of gooseberry

Gooseberry, popularly known as “Amla”, in India is a flowering shrub in the genus Ribes. It is highly nutritious and has several benefits.

Gooseberry is the source of Vitamin C, that helps in improving heart health. Consuming it on a daily basis helps in improving our immunity and helps in disease resistance. Chromium in Gooseberry helps in reducing blood sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity. The phytonutrients in Gooseberry prevents free radicals in the brain, which ultimately improves mental health. It can be used to regulate hormones during periods.

The fibre in Gooseberry prevents us from certain digestive problems and reduces acidity. Glycoma, cataract, conjunctivitis and other eye-related problems can be prevented by the regular consumption of gooseberry. The calcium and iron in gooseberry prevent from arthritis and anemia respectively.

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