Bigg Boss Season2 : Raghu praises Arya

Bigg Boss Season 2 was abruptly discontinued, but the specifics of the event are coming out. The show ended on its way to the 75th episode. Discussions about who would be the winner were also active. This year’s event was different from the usual. The outbursts were so viral that the contestants went out with an eye infection and occasionally went through a wild card entry. Raghu is an intellectual rebel. Arya has publicly stated that she sees RJ Raghu as her opponent. Raghu had said in the intro itself that he was the one who interpreted the word lazy. Raghu has shown laziness in many tasks. The star claimed that he could not succeed in the physical task, so he decided to play with intelligence. Arya made a similar decision. Arya was also aware of this tactic of Raghu. The two had fought each other in Bigg Boss, but they were all part of the game and all were friends. Raghu has come up with a word about Arya.

Arya in Bigg Boss Raghu likened Arya of Bigg Boss to Elena Isinbayeva. The world’s best female pole vault player. The girl who learned to conquer the heights with her father in a pine tree in the Volgo Guard in the former Soviet Union. Allegations were swirling around the bayou that the Olympic record jumped as high as 5.05 meters. Later, the controversial line bar jumped at the pole of truth and landed safely on the Baywa Jumping Pit.

Located in the heart Arya’s comment was, “Papa you are in my heart.” Arya was the first to comment under Raghu’s post. There were occasional fights with Bigg Boss, but they were all said and done. He talked about everything before going out. Now they are the first to comment on social media posts. Raghu replied “Aryase”.

Forget the negative Raghu’s wife Sangeeta was accompanied by a comment under the post. The music was about forgetting all the negatives, having the positive side of it all, and often not seeing it all. Earlier, Raghu had said that he was a victim of cyber attacks. Music is also active on social media.

Criticism The fans questioned why Raghu was glorifying Arya. Many people have asked about this. One commented that Mother Teresa was lucky not to be compared. One question was whether Raghu was a genius for winning over his opponents. Someone else said the audience was exactly what you 2 wanted.

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