‘Blindfold’ becomes India’s first-ever audio cinema

‘Blindfold,’ the breakthrough Malayalam movie that takes the audience on a journey through the viewpoint of a blind person, makes history as India’s first-ever audio cinema. This innovative cinema, directed by filmmaker and creative designer Binoy Karamen and produced by luxury apparel brand Klum and Intellectual Monkey Productions, has not only created a new genre in Indian cinema but also set a benchmark in the universe of film production.

‘Blindfold’ has created a close-range cinematic experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional filmmaking by using sound as the primary storytelling tool. The plot tells the events in the life of a blind man who becomes a witness in a murder case. This thrilling murder investigation story is told without visuals, putting the audience in the shoes of a blind man with only sounds to guide them.

“Blindfold does not have visuals. Despite that, it does not limit the cinematic experience a normal cinema can offer. This project has been the result of my thinking and research for the past 11 years. It has always fascinated me how different elements of a movie affect the viewer’s senses. The beauty of a world that is blinded by light is what I wish to portray in my work. My aim is to inspire the audience’s imagination with sound design, music, and dialogue and help them navigate the world with sounds. It improve your focus on your surroundings and understand the importance of inner voices more than our sights”, said Binoy Karamen, the director and writer of ‘Blindfold.

“Blindfold is beginning a new era of audio stories with more technical support.” The audio design experience makes the sound move all around you with thrilling realism. “I am very excited to be a part of the film and Karamen’s daring approach to filmmaking,” said Ajil Kurian, Sync Sound & Sound Design. Ajil Kurian and Krishnan Unni developed the film’s sound design, whereas Steev Benjamin composed the music and background score and Surya Gaythri wrote the script. “Blindfold” is a powerful tribute to the Indian film industry’s creativity and innovation. This historic outcome is a source of pride not only for Malayalam cinema but also for Indian cinema in general.

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