“Bride and Prejudice” star Dannii Erskine passed away

‘Bride and Prejudice’ star Dannii Erskine passed away in a tragic accident. The reality television industry is in mourning as the actress dies. Her family has revealed that the 28-year-old passed away after being struck by a speeding car driven by a drunk driver.

Fans of the show will recall Dannii as the tenacious young woman who overcame her mother and sister’s objections to marry her partner, Denton Ansley. Sadly, Dannii’s dreams were dashed when a drunk driver struck the car she was riding in at a crossroads. She was struck by the airbag, suffered a terrible lesion to her head, and was declared brain dead.

Dee, Dannii’s sister, spoke candidly about the unfortunate incident and described the circumstances that led to her sister’s premature passing. Dee described how the drunk driver drove into Dannii’s car as she was passing through a green signal, inflicting fatal injuries. Despite the best efforts of medical staff, Dannii’s life was not able to be saved.

Family members and followers of Dannii are in shock and disbelief over the news of her passing. On Dannii’s Instagram account, her family thanked everyone for their support and said that the account would be deactivated the next day. Funeral preparations are now being made, and sympathies from both friends and admirers have been flooding in.

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