Chandrika and Bibish to get married soon under special circumstances: a unique film poster

The poster for the new film starring Niranjana Anoop has been gaining more attention. The poster is being shared in the form of a newspaper advertisement saying ” Udan Vivahitharakunnu”.

“The name of the groom is Bibish Balan, and the bride’s name is Chandrika Raveendran. Due to some particular circumstances, my second daughter’s marriage engagement is to be held urgently, and this news is being informed to you all with sincere happiness. The decisions were taken so quickly that we didn’t get time to come and invite you all to the engagement. Muhurtham: Morning, 10 a.m. Lovingly, Raveendran Thaikkattil Nambiar,” says the post.

This poster is being shared by director and actor Basil Joseph through his Instagram post. No other details have not yet been revealed by the crew members.