Chennai Beaches Rated ‘Very Clean’: Makes Them the Best Beach Spots to Visit this Winter


According to a survey by the National Centre for Coastal Research, Elliot’s, Thiruvanmiyur, and Kovalam near Chennai are among the nation’s cleanest beaches, earning them the designation of “Very Clean”. Over 100 Indian beaches were examined for this study, and they were assessed according to the number of litter items found there.

Edward Elliot’s Beach, popularly known as Besant Nagar Beach or the Bessie, is a natural urban beach located next to the southern tip of the Marina Beach, and was named after Edward Elliot, a chief magistrate and superintendent of police of the Madras Presidency in colonial India. It has the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Health—also known as Annai Vailankanni Church—on its shore, and the Ashtalakshmi Temple nearby.

During the colonial era, Elliot’s beach was fairly exclusive to white people only. Safety on and around the beach is ensured by a police outpost and all-terrain vehicles. Besant Nagar Beach is frequently visited by tourists to enjoy its glittering waters and taking a relaxing stroll along the striking shoreline and Witnessing the sunsets and sunrise. The beach has been a major draw for the travelers owing to its tranquility and cleanliness.

Elliot’s beach was largely a whites-only area during the colonial era. Police make use of small-terrain vehicles to maintain safety on and near the beach. Tourists commonly go to Besant Nagar Beach to enjoy the beach’s glistening waters, take leisurely strolls along the picturesque shoreline, and watch the dawn and sunset. Due to its peaceful atmosphere and cleanliness, the beach has become a popular destination for tourists.

Thiruvanmiyur Beach is the starting place of East Coast Road, Chennai. It is a well-cleaned, perfectly maintained beach which makes you visit it again. Smart Bike Cycling, Calm and pollution-free environment, Secured by cops and more good things are the key reasons to visit.

Kovalam Beach, also known as Covelong, is a breathtaking beach that can be seen in Tamil Nadu. This beautiful beach is located in the Kanchipuram district, some 40 kilometers from Chennai, near the little fishing community of Covelong. Moreover, this beach is renowned for offering the ideal conditions for “surfing,” and it is one of the few locations on the eastern coast where “wind surfing” is regularly practiced.

This beach offers a variety of water sports-related activities, including swimming, windsurfing, and more. At this beach lies a historic Dutch fort. It appears that some of the fort’s walls still stand as ruins today. Additionally, a historic Catholic Church that is worth visiting is located not far from this shore. Also, this beach is great for leisure pursuits like tanning. The months of November through February are the best for travelling to this location during the winter.