Chokramudi peak in Munnar gives comfort in this summer

People are looking for hilly areas to escape the heat because the lowlands are becoming a bit oppressive due to hot days and periodic summer rains. Chokramudi Peak is a beautiful location that will calm your body and mind. If you could stand atop the hills right before daybreak, you could witness white cotton-like clouds drifting down from the top, which is undoubtedly a piece of paradise. This is the reason that every visitor looks forward to climbing Chokramudi Peak in Munnar, Idukki district.

When it comes to popularity and altitude above sea level, the Chokramudi Peak will stand head and shoulders above mountains like Anamudi and Meeshapulimala. Meeshapulimala, at 2,650m, is the second-highest mountain in Kerala, behind Anamudi at 2,695m. With a height of 2,643 metres, Chokramudi Peak, third on the list, is not far behind. Every tourist will enjoy the distinctive views of the tea plantations, Anamudi Peak, and the Idukki dam from the top of the Chokramudi hills.

Through Devikulam, you may go from Munnar to Chokramudi. When driving further on the Chinnakanal Road after reaching Gap Road, the Chokramudi hiking base camp is located on the right side. For both domestic and international travellers, the per-person ticket price is 400 and 600 rupees, respectively. Pothamedu, a town close to Munnar, is a good starting point for climbing the Chokramudi Peak.

Even if you go on a morning or evening stroll through the Chokramudi Hills, the bizarre landscapes when the sun rises offer an extraordinary experience. From base camp to the peak’s top, it takes over two hours; however, if you are an experienced hiker, it will take you only 90 minutes. It is best to arrive at the base camp early and begin the trek by 5 a.m. in order to fully see nature’s stunning dawn spectacle.

a world filled with mist and lush woodland after 30 minutes of trekking. Once you reach the top of the hills, it is remarkable to watch how quickly nature changes the frames of its breathtaking scenes. The wide-open blue sky, the dense mist, and the drifting white clouds are always changing. The summit has various places for visitors to relax and unwind, so they can leave feeling refreshed. Downhill, the trip back to base camp doesn’t take too long.

Chokramudi Hill provides all the amenities needed. To camp and stay in tents on top of hills, you only need to contact authorised agents. It is interesting that many package options are available to travellers. The combination of food, water, and a campfire is available to guests staying atop the Chokramudi hills. Pack some thick clothing if you intend to spend the night on a mountaintop because the temperature may drop significantly at night. The area’s BSNL provides excellent connectivity, and they also have power banks you can use to recharge your mobile phones.

Chokramudi Peak and Munnar should be visited in winter. Trekking may be a great experience during the mild breeze and intense mist that define the months of September through March. Avoid going to Chokramudi Peak during the summer and monsoon months.