‘Counting all my blessings …’-Kavya Shetty

She is cool headed, but her expressive eyes and her mellow voice would definitely hook anyone listening to the way she talks… She is a family person and says her mother is her inspiration in life and owes her success to her mother for what she is today.
Acting to her is living the reel life characters. Kavya made her Sandalwood dream debut in 2013 with Nam Duniya Nam Style. She then climbed the ladder of success and now in a short span of time, she has 12 movies to her credit.
She has 2 projects coming up in Kannada – Ravi Bopanna and Sold.
Like everyone, Kavya too has opted for social distancing and is grateful for whatever she has now. She talks to Maxxo about her Home Quarantine …

Q. Where are you at present? And how is the situation there?
Kavya: I’m now in Bangalore with my parents. At present here after around 50 days of lockdown in Karnataka there are relaxations in some places.

Q. What do you have to say about the COVID-19 scare, global lockdown and self isolation?
Kavya: It’s unfortunate and scary for something like this to happen to the whole world. I’m grateful for my family and the things we have compared to a lot of less fortunate ones.

Q. How have you been keeping yourself occupied during the quarantine period?
Kavya: I have started reading  and I’m enjoying it too, one habit which I don’t want to leave now. Apart from that I also cook and watch a lot of movies. Since I’m home with parents, I try to spend maximum time with them.

Q. Anything you are missing too much being isolated?
Kavya: I miss my work a lot. And since everyone is homebound, I miss hanging out with my friends too… I haven’t been able to meet them since long. But we do catch up on video calls and I’m in touch with everyone.

Q. Have you rediscovered yourself in this quarantine time?
Kavya: Yes… I’ve got more time to myself now. This break has made me more patient than ever and I’m sure it has shown all of us what is actually more important in life.

Q. What do you have to say about COVID-19 affecting the mental health of people?
Kavya: I’m sure a lot of us are going through stress in this situation but we just have to be grateful for the things we have now and that all of us are together in such a crisis.

Q. How do you keep yourself fit during this time?
Kavya:Most importantly I watch my diet and avoid unnecessary binge eating. I also make it a point to practice yoga everyday at home.

Q. Self grooming in this uncertain time
Kavya: Well … can’t do much during this time, can’t visit the salon. My skin looks much better since there is no makeup done for shoots and there’s no harsh lighting. But yes a little bit of skincare is done with some simple home remedies.

Q. What is the mantra you follow to stay positive?
Kavya:I’m just counting all my blessings… I’m very much fortunate than many others to be with family and living in good conditions.