Crunchy & Healthy: 6 Reasons to Include The Superfood Makhana in Your Diet

Makhana, also known as fox nuts or lotus seeds, are a favourite crunchy snack in most Indian households. It is usually brought out during fasting days such as on Navratri; but should be consumed on a regular basis to reap its many health benefits.

The crispy treats are a delight to be had in-between meals. It’s just the perfect health snack that marries great taste. Rich in protein and low on fats, it’s ideal for everybody from diabetics to people working on weight loss.

Need more reasons to bring them into your snacking routine?

Here are six reasons why you must include this superfood in your everyday routine:

1. Promotes Weight Loss

Any food that can help shed extra kilos is good food. A cup of makhana contains about 83 calories, which is negligent if you want to binge eat in-between meals. Additionally, the protein in it tends to keep you fuller for long; and avoids you to overeat at meal-time. They also have negligible saturated fat content, making it a healthy food for the body.

2. Slows Down Ageing

Makhana is choco-full of antioxidants called kaempferol that fight against inflammation and harmful free radicals in the body. Which in turn slows down the ageing process, meaning it fights hair loss, greying hair and wrinkled skin.

3. Protects From Heart Disease

Uber rich in minerals like magnesium and potassium, makhana is said to maintain heartbeat, control blood pressure and sustain cardiac health. It is also a rich source of folate – a key vitamin which plays an important role in guarding heart health.

4. Controls Blood Sugar

Makhana have a low glycemic index, and a fair amount of carbohydrates. A small portion of roasted makhana can easily be included in a diabetic diet. However, if you’re on insulin, you must consult the doctor before making it a part of your diet since it has the tendency to reduce sugar levels.

5. Builds Muscle Mass

If you’re a vegetarian, you could include makhana in your daily diet for a good dose of protein. A cup of makhana consists of 3.9 grams of protein, which is great for building muscle mass and promoting cell growth. It’s a plant-based protein, so ideal for vegans too.

6. Better Digestive Health

The high fibre content of makhanas help in the bowel movement. So, if you grapple with constipation or indigestion, this superfood is a must-have. They’re also gluten-free; so there’s no scope of a problem arising in case you’re gluten-intolerant.

You could stock up on makhanas in various flavours such as salt and pepper, sour cream and onion and even the spicy piri-piri so you don’t get bored of them!