Delicate dumping is a trend that is taking over around us in now a days

Breakups, which can be stressful and tricky to negotiate, are a typical occurrence in romantic relationships. Breakups, whether mutual or not, frequently result in emotions including sadness, grief, rage, and perplexity. However, if everyone concerned communicates openly and honestly, it helps to make them more tolerable and easier to navigate. Delicate dumping, the most recent trend in breakups, challenges that.

A partner withdraws from the relationship without breaking it off, anticipating that the other partner will eventually start the breakup process. This situation occurs when a person stops feeling romantically attracted to their significant other but decides not to express their genuine feelings right away. They stop making an effort while still being dedicated, which is similar to quietly departing.

The partner who stopped putting effort into the relationship soon becomes angry with the other and frequently begins emotionally withdrawing. He or she may have realised that they were secretly expecting that a miracle would occur, saving them from having to be dumped.

‘What should you do?’ is still the key problem. The response is to put yourself first. ‘You’ and ‘your partner’ are the two core elements in every relationship. It frequently happens that your companion takes priority over you when it should be you. To lessen its effects, it’s essential to set healthy boundaries.

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