Dileesh Pothan starring “O.baby” teaser out

Dileesh Pothan, a Mollywood director-actor, will play a mystery character in the next film, ‘O.Baby,’ and the newly released teaser suggests a highly dark and dramatic thriller.

The teaser begins with an elderly man’s voiceover asking, “What are the kids up to on Devil’s Hills, aka ‘Chekuthan Mala?” This narration establishes the mystery nature of the Devil’s Hills right away, as well as the introduction of various questionable people, notably Dileesh Pothan.

‘O.Baby’ promises to be a crazy drive into the origins narrative of ‘Chekuthan Mala,” or Devil’s Hills, and the teaser appears to give a highly fascinating yet horrifying tale of deception and crime. Overall, the teaser for Ranjan Pramod’s directorial debut, O.Baby, seems interesting, and spectators should expect a fresh style of narrative.

Ranjan Pramod wrote the script, Arun Chalil filmed the eerie visuals, and Samjith Mohamed handled the editing. Shameer Ahammed is the sound designer, while Lijin Bambino composed the original background soundtrack. Athulya Chandra, Haniya Nafisa, Saji Soman, and numerous other newcomers also have important parts in the film.

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