Disney’s Animated film, ‘Moana,’ is set to get a live-action version, Actor Dwayne Johnson dropped an update

Moana, Disney’s 2016 animated film, was a huge critical and commercial success. The film, directed by John Musker and Ron Clements, is about a young Pacific Islander named Moana who sets out into the ocean with Maui to set things right after the latter accidentally unleashes an ancient curse. Moana, in addition to becoming a huge financial success, received two Oscar nominations and numerous awards and accolades.

With a special announcement video shot in Hawaii, popular actor Dwayne Johnson and Disney CEO Bob Iger recently confirmed that the much-loved animation film is finally getting a live-action adaptation. Dwayne Johnson, who played Demi-God Maui in the original, revealed that the project is still in its early stages and that he intends to return to Moana’s world. The live-action version is being produced by the actor himself, Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia, through their Seven Bucks Productions, in collaboration with Beau Flynn through Flynn Picture Co.

“I am deeply humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude to bring Moana’s beautiful story to the big screen in live action. This is my culture’s story, and it exemplifies our people’s grace and warrior strength. I proudly wear this culture on my skin and in my soul. This once-in-a-lifetime chance to reunite with Maui, inspired by the spirit of my late grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia, has a special meaning for me,” said Dwayne Johnson in the announcement video.


Along with Dwayne Johnson, who played Demi-God Maui in the film, Auli’i Cravalho, who played the titular character Moana in the original film, is said to be an Executive Producer on the much-anticipated live-action adaptation. The original writer of Moana, Jared Bush, is also joining the live-action adaptation, but his role in the team has yet to be revealed.