Easiest way to make oregano seasoning

  • Not simply pizzas and pastas, oregano seasoning is going pretty properly with sandwiches, soups, baked ingredients, amongst different dishes. If you select a dash of oregano in your foods, how approximately you start to make it at home inside the required quantities rather of buying it whenever?

Oregano seasoning may be effortlessly made at domestic very quickly with just a few ingredients. Take a examine the recipe through former MasterChef runner-up and chef Neha Deepak Sharma and attempt it:


1 tsp – Dried oregano
1 tsp – Dried basil
1 tsp – Crushed black pepper
2 tsp – Crispy garlic
1 tbsp – Salt
1 tsp – Chilli flakes


* In a bowl, add the elements and mix it very well. Your oregano seasoning is prepared.

Making oregano seasoning at domestic is not handiest cheaper however it is able to additionally be stored in an air-tight box for a long term.

Take a have a look at Neha’s video wherein she is seen making the seasoning.

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🍕OREGANO SEASONING 🍕 There are lots of recipe on the internet and I have tried many too and after lots of combinations, I have to say that this recipe is the closest ever. It is super easy to make and is relatively cheaper. You can store it in an air tight container for long. Swipe left to see the video on how to make it ! 🍕 RECIPE 🍕 🍃1 tbsp Dried Oregano 🍃1 tsp Dried Basil ⚫️1 tsp Crushed Black Pepper 🧄2 tsp Crispy Garlic 🧂1 tbsp Salt 🌶1 tsp Chilli flakes To make crispy garlic, fine chop garlic & cook it in some oil on medium flame until it turns crispy, strain it to remove excess oil and use. #Dominos #Domino #Pizza #Oregano #PizzaSeasoning #Spice #Spicemix #LockDown #StayHome #Quarantine #PizzaLover #PizzaTime #DominosPizza #Baking #Bread #Bake #Recipe #EasyRecipe

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