Easy home hacks for healthier nails

Some effective home remedies to make nails appear naturally beautiful –

Using a garlic pod

Garlic is known to be extremely effective for the overall health of a person. When it comes to nail care, you can use it. Just cut a garlic pod in half and rub the juicy interior on the nails. It is said to be a natural nail strengthener and hardener, and can especially benefit those who have brittle nails. Do this exercise for at least a minute every day.

Oil massage

Just like your hair, your nails need the goodness of oils, too. You need to moisturize your nails from time to time. So, you can make a concoction of some essential beauty oils, along with some Vitamin E, for your cuticles. Add a few drops of each oil in an empty nail polish bottle, and then using its brush, apply a few strokes every day for two weeks.

Garlic polish

Crush some finely chopped garlic pods and the juice that comes out of it can be added to an empty nail polish bottle. Then using its brush, top-coat it; it will work as a nail hardener.