Evolution Ideas: Champions of the Online Premiere League Celebrity Cup


Evolution Ideas wins the Season 4 Online Premiere League Celebrity Cup conducted by the Celebrity Cricket Fraternity- an association of the cricket enthusiasts in Cinema, TV and Media.
In the sensational tournament that lasted for 6 days, they became the champions after beating the Choreographers by 85 runs.

Score – Evolution Ideas: 152/5 (15) Choreographers: 67/9 (15).

Shawn, who managed to score 44 runs out of 16 balls in the finals won the ‘Man of the Match’ award. Noel, from Team Kingmakers is the ‘Man of the Series’. He has also won the ‘Best batsman of the Tournament’ award by procuring 163 runs.

Basil from the team, Ideas who took 9 wickets won the ‘Best Bowler’ award.
Celebrities from the Malayalam film industry like Vinu Mohan, Nayana Anil, Dhruvan and Ram distributed the awards to the winners. Famous personalities like
Saju Navodaya, Shafeeq Rahman, Saji Surendran, Producer Dr. Badusha, Dev G Devan, Sudeep Karat and Anil Thomas-the president of CCF, graced the event with their presence.

The 50 crores celebration of the newly released movie – ‘ Malikapuram ‘ also took place in the morning on the dias alongside the award ceremony. Actor- Unni Mukundan, scriptwriter – Abhilash Pillai, Devananda and Sreepath took part in the celebration.

The tournament was sponsored by Grand Productions, Surya Films, R D Illuminations, Cheers Entertainments, Star Holidays, Taher Cine Tekniq, Bring Forth Media, Kasargod Cochin Super Kings, Sofa Stories, Eon, Estilocus, Chai Chat, Variety Media, Mitta’s, Thakkaram, Kinetic Green, Suvi Strikers, 1000 Arrows, Ginger Media, Global Experts, Milestone Makers and Team Producers.