‘Fading Shades,’Akshay Radhakrishnan starring poem video, is out

‘Fading Shades’ is a poem video that is written and directed by Arun Yoganathan and penned by Fahmitha Shirin. Editing is done by the director himself. Luke Jose is the cinematographer. The music is composed by Sibi. Babuji Aravind is the sound designer. AM Vinodhini is the executive producer. It is produced by Arun Yoganathan himself.

The video is all about the struggles and taunts that an LGBTQ person faces in this society, even from their own family.

Akshay had portrayed the character really well and the whole poem video has been presented really to the point with all the materialistic things needed to convey the whole topic.

Akhi is the art director, and Lakshmi Dinesh is the costume designer. Alagne is the makeup artist. VFX is done by Taufeek. Photographed by Picture Prodigy. Color Fist is a DI colorist.

Akshay Radhakrishnan is an actor who made his film debut with the film ‘Pathintam Padi,’ directed by Shankar Ramakrishnan. Akshay’s next film is ‘Velleppa.’ The actor is very active on social media, is involved in public affairs, and does not hesitate to speak his opinion openly.