Fans are in awe of Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s commitment as she pulls off high-flying action in the Yashoda BTS video

Samantha Ruth Prabhu posted a video of behind-the-scenes footage from her most recent movie, Yashoda, showing the preparation she underwent for the action scenes she played in the movie. Yashoda, Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s most recent film, has been a commercial success. Over 11 crores have been made by the Telugu action thriller in its first two days worldwide. Samantha has received appreciation for both her performance and the intense action she performed in the movie.

On Sunday, the actor uploaded a behind-the-scenes (BTS) video from the filming of the movie in which she was seen mastering multiple difficult fight scenes. Samantha simply captioned the Sunday night Instagram Reels post with the words “Yashoda in theatres” and “BTS.” A camera gear shoots the actor at the beginning of the clip. The next clips feature her engaging in staged action on sets, combating many stuntmen, and deftly landing jumps and throwdowns. The movie also demonstrates Samantha’s intense preparation for the part, which included bulking up at the gym and getting in top physical condition to carry out all the action sequences.

Filmmaker Atlee responded to the video by labelling it “mass,” a term used to describe movies or other media with broad appeal. “You worked so hard for it, and you did it!” said one of Samantha’s admirers. Definitely proud of you, Sam. One more said, “Unreal! the devotion and effort.

Samantha recently disclosed that she has been battling an autoimmune illness called myositis for her health. She stated in a note dated October 29 that she had been diagnosed with myositis a few months prior. I had hoped to post this when it entered remission. However, it’s taking a bit longer than I had anticipated. I’m starting to understand that we don’t always have to put on a brave face. “I’m still having a hard time accepting this vulnerability. The medical professionals are optimistic that I will soon make a full recovery. I’ve had good days and horrible days, both physically and mentally, and even on the days when I feel like I can’t go another day like this, that feeling eventually passes. It must only indicate that I am one day closer to recovery, I suppose” Samantha responded.

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