Financial crisis; Mohanlal’s Sound Message To Members Of ‘Amma’

The message is that the organization will help those who are in financial difficulties. The 501-member ‘Amma’ has benefits for members, including insurance coverage. In addition, since 1995, 138 persons have been given a subsidy of Rs 5,000 each month.

I am your Mohanlal. It is a great relief to know that everyone is safe in their homes. In the face of this catastrophic disaster called Kovid 19, we have no choice but to be safe in their homes.

All must abide by the safety guidelines prescribed by the Government and the Ministry of Health. I pray that there is a better way out of this and that everyone can get back to their work. Our members should make the best use of all the assistance announced by the government at this time.

Our Vice Presidents MLAs will contact their local bodies and provide you with the help you deserve, if you so wish. The mother is also considering providing financial assistance to members who are suffering from severe financial difficulties if they need it.

Each member should consult before asking if I am eligible for assistance. There are no other members that are more difficult than me. Because the mother’s finances may not be enough to help all who need it.

Our country is heading towards a major crisis. Strict control requires that we abide by everything. You have to be very careful every step of the way. Your organization will always be there for any of your needs. Mohanlal with full love.