First song ‘Tatta Tattara’ from “Sesham Mikeil Fathima” sung by vibrant singer Anirudh is out

The next Sesham Mikeil Fathima movie in Malayalam will star actress Kalyani Priyadarshan. Anirudh Ravichander’s vibrant song, ‘Tatta Tattara,’ which the makers of the film released to the joy of its fans.

Anirudh gives a dynamic performance while singing the hit song in the accompanying music video, which was created by the talented composer Hesham Abdul Wahab. Kalyani dazzles with her vivacious dance routines. Sesham Mikeil Fathima, directed by newcomer Manu C. Kumar, seems to be a charming and lighthearted comedy set in the beautiful Malabar area.

In the movie, Kalyani plays a football fan who also announces matches in regional competitions, giving her role an intriguing layer. Sesham Mikeil Fathima will be released soon, and fans can’t wait to see Kalyani’s electrifying performance on the big screen once more.