Flash Your Smiles …


Photographer: Amala Muralidharan

During this pandemic situation, everything in life has come to a standstill. Lockdown is challenging and affecting people all over the world. Life now is confined to the four walls of a house, there is no connection with the outside world. For people away from family and friends, only virtual hugs and kisses make them happy. Social distancing and quarantine has become traumatic and has taken a toll on the mental health of a person.
This shall pass too … Lockdown is a time to rediscover ourselves and to be optimistic. So let’s stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Look at the mirror and smile from one ear to another, just to be happy. It removes all the negetive thoughts and frustrations from the mind.

Your smile is precious, so don’t try to become a stingy person who would hold back the smile. You need to deliver a smile whenever you meet someone, because it is considered as a priceless possession. A smile contains a lot of positive vibes and is a messenger of goodwill. Smiling is an unconcious reaction, which can have a positive effect on your mood. You never know this sweet gesture of yours could make someone’s day, heal someone’s wound or even touch someone’s heart.
Let’s become like a child, smile to be happy in life. Children teach us to find happiness in anything and everything around us. Don’t they look adorable with those naughty, innocent smirks on their tiny lil faces!

Benefits of smiling are many if you practice it regularly…
1. It makes you healthier, look attractive and even younger.
2. It is the best exercise for your facial muscles, makes your eyes twinkle and gives a glow to your face. In short you look good, if you smile.
3. It keeps your heart healthy.
4. It lowers stress and anxiety, so you can lead a happy and healthy life.
5. You’ll be more approachable if you smile. It also gives people an impression that as a person you are empathetic and trustworthy.
6. It strengthens your immune system, by making your body produce white blood cells to help fight illnesses.
7. It releases endorphins, chemicals that make you happier.
8. Spread Smiling  , Spread Happiness.
9. A smile brings in positivity in life.
10. Smiling radiates confidence in one’s personality.

So do not hold this curve back, let it flow … Make Yourself Happy 😊 By Making Others Happy !
If you can put a smile on a child’s face, even you can start smiling often. Be content like a child, who smiles for absolutely no reasons and fills happiness in our lives.
Your smile is a reason for some others to smile. Let me put it in a better way – Smile for no reason and give someone else a reason to smile. Your smile can definitely change the world. Be the change!
So flash your beautiful smiles, be happy and make this world a beautiful place to live in, even in this gloomy days because THIS TOO SHALL PASS …
#StayStrong #BeHappy #MakeAHappyWorld #DoNotForgetToSmile #StayHome #StaySafe