Grace Antony talks about her Career Transition

Grace Antony is a 25-year-old Indian actress, model, and classical dancer. Her debut film was ‘Happy Wedding’ at the age of 18. She became popular after her performance in the Mollywood hit film Kumbalangi Nights.

She talks about how she transitioned her career from a dance teacher to a versatile actress in a recent exclusive interview.

She is known for her subtle comic timing. She has a drama background and was criticised for her over-expressions. She took it as a challenge and excelled in the toughest genre, comedy. Fans often compare her to National Award-winning South Indian actress ‘Kalpana’.

She says that acting with Mammookka in ‘Rorschach’ was a golden chance for her. She kept all her fears and excitement away and wanted to prove to herself that she was capable of acting with him. She also said that working with him gives off an energy, and that’s what creates magic. During the movie shooting, Mammookka was fasting, and they made sure to avoid any delays or retakes.

She also talked about acting an emotional scene in her movie, ‘Halal Love Story’. She says that she listened to sad songs before crying scenes. She says that is how she does method acting. In her movie, ‘Kanakam Kaamini Kalaham’, she had rehearsals with co-star Nivin Pauly to get the correct comic reactions.

She is a B.A. Bharatanatyam graduate. She says that she does well in freestyling too. She participated in Kalolsavams from childhood and wanted to be a ‘Kalathilakam’. She talked about how judgements in kalolsavams were corrupted and how she always participated for the second prize, as the first prize was already fixed. This unfair treatment led to the decision to become a dance teacher and give prizes only to the deserving.

She also talked about her dressing style. She always liked to be uniquely, but casually, dressed. She says that the reason behind this is that her body doesn’t fit the ideal concept of ‘perfect figure’. So she decided to dress according to her body type and chose casual clothes, which are suitable for her.

Her recent movies were ‘Saturday Night’, ‘Padachone Ingalu Katholee’ and ‘Appan’. She said that she wanted to try new types of roles to avoid repetition. She has a hopeful career ahead with many upcoming movies.

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