Green tea and its benefits

Green Tea is among one of the most popular dietary supplements. It is known for high concentration of antioxidants and contains healthy bio-active compounds. Green Tea is known for its exceptional benefits like-

  1. Can be a part of a healthy weight loss diet: the caffeine and catechins produces weight loss effects. It has a role in increasing energy metabolism. It speeds up calorie burning and suppresses appetite.
  2. Improving memory and brain functioning: it improves a person’s memory and cognitive functions. It would help in treating neuro-psychiatric conditions like dementia. The low caffeine content helps in stimulation of central nervous system without causing anxiety. 
  3. Relieving headaches and digestive problems: the catechins in green tea helps in suppressing Th2 a group of immune cells responsible for body’s reaction to food allergies. It helps in improving gut health by enhancing the growth of beneficial bacteria.  
  4. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases: consuming green tea helps in reducing the risk of cardio-vascular diseases and lowers blood pressure, inflammation and so on.
  5. It also has positive effects on liver disorders, type2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and more: it is revealed that green tea molecule can fragment tau fibers that is thought to cause Alzheimer’s and similar diseases. It also results in a 54% reduction in the risk of cognitive decline. 
  6. It helps in preventing skin inflammation: it is said that green tea helps in skin repair after UV-ray damage. It moisturizes the skin and reduces dark spots, pimple spots, and other skin problem. Also, consumption of green tea helps in shedding dead cells.
  7. Helps in low blood sugar helps in reducing insulin resistance (where cells cannot absorb glucose to the body) and decreases fasting glucose levels and A1C levels. 
  8. It also helps in boosting energy levels: green tea contains amino acids L-theanine that helps in maintaining stable energy and improves brain function.
  9. Leads to the prevention of cancer: polyphenols in green tea helps in reducing the risk of cancer. According to reports polyphenols also help in killing cancerous cells. 
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