Gut benefits of raisin water

Munakka, commonly referred to as brown grape raisins, is similar to kishmish except that it is sweeter and contains seeds. Munakka is better for intestinal health than kishmish and is more well-known for its therapeutic benefits. It is a storehouse of phenolic compounds and contains resveratrol, flavonoids, quercetin, catechins, procyanidins, and anthocyanins.

One can make munakka water by boiling some water, adding a few munakka pieces, and setting it aside for the night. One can use a sieve to strain the water and consume it first thing in the morning. Munakka water cures constipation and functions as a natural laxative.

It aids in the regulation of bowel movements and the loosening of stools, as well as improving overall digestion. Raisin water also helps to decrease acidity because it has cooling qualities. It is recognised for boosting digestive health and having anti-inflammatory qualities.

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