Health benefits of Dark chocolate

Chocolate comes from Cocoa, a plant with high level of minerals and antioxidants. There are numerous health benefits for Dark Chocolate, that came to notice only in the 20th century.

 Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids that helps in reducing inflammation and helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Intake of chocolate with 70% of cocoa is important to achieve health benefits. Too much consumption of chocolate could lead to nausea, increased heartbeat and other health problems.

It prevents cardiovascular diseases since large number of studies show that flavanol rich chocolate improves cardiovascular health. Dark chocolate also lowers the risk of depression. Consumption of 24 grams or less of dark chocolate act as an antidepressant agent. It improves blood flow to the skin, increase skin density and protect against sun damage. Dark chocolate reduces the chance of dementia and improves attention, verbal learning and memory. It even helps in reducing cholesterol and benefit the diversity of gut biome.

Dark chocolate should be consumed in moderation, as it is the key to healthy lifestyle.


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