Here are four major red signals of relationship boundary violation

We frequently experience feelings when our boundaries are being crossed against our will, which can serve as the first warning flag. The key to your general well-being and happiness is having healthy limits.

We achieve balance in our lives when we establish appropriate limits. The therapist said, “We have a balance between how much we give, receive, accept, and reject. The four feelings that signal a boundary violation are as follows:

Fear: Fear is one of the key warning signs. It makes us feel uncomfortable and makes us nervous to be near someone because of how they make us feel or how they could behave.

Resentment: Without being able to express it verbally, we frequently begin to feel resentment or dislike towards a person. This can be a result of how they step on our boundaries.

Discomfort: Discomfort starts to soak into us, and we are unable to be ourselves in front of some people, usually as a result of physical boundary violations. This should raise red flags.

Anger: Having unjustified anger against someone may also signify that they have crossed our bounds.

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