Here is a Homemade Solution for All Coffee Purists

The coronavirus outbreak has tremendously changed every person’s day-to-day plans and practices. But then again, the lockdown has got some blessing in the face of social media permitting resourceful micro-trends to bud.

We can understand that coffee lovers are longing to sip their favourite beverage, they earlier scored at their beloved cafés. In the present scenario of ambiguity, brewing some frothy coffee could be your small isolation treat to kickstart your day. A quarantine hobbyhorse of TikTok users, dalgona coffee, is viable at home with no trouble. (No, you don’t need a coffee maker.)

If you can get your hands on some basic ingredients at home, reward yourself this tumbler of cold, velvety coffee and let it act as therapy.

(Note: Hand mixer will expedite the process and will prevent pain to your arm muscles. You can use a regular beater, some endurance and tada!)


– Instant coffee powder (2 tbsp)

– Sugar (2 tbsp or more)

– Hot water (2 tbsp)

– Cold milk (2 cups)

Some Ice Cubes


Step 1: Introduce coffee powder, sugar and hot water to a bowl and start mixing.

Step 2: If you are using a regular whisk it will take more time. Whisk and keep whisking. You will see the composition becoming thicker and also slightly changing colour.

Step 3: Beat until it gets soft peaks – light and fluffy.

Step 4: At this moment creamed coffee is set. Together fold it and set aside.

Step 5: Get a serving glass – fill it with few ice cubes.

Step 6: Blend well and pour chilled milk over it

Step 7: Top it with whipped java.

Step 8: Dust some coffee powder and place in a straw

Serve chilled and revel in!


— If you prefer your coffee less strong, you can add more sugar.

— You can make the milk sweeter by using condensed milk or honey, as per your requirement.

— You can preserve this beaten coffee in an airtight ampule and place in the refrigerator.

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