Homemade Hair Masks to Speed up Hair Growth

We have powerful components from nature that can alter the way we feel and appear. Ingredients like ashwagandha, kalonji, hibiscus, shikakai, vetiver, and sandalwood are great for promoting hair development and healthy, abundant hair. They hydrate the scalp and encourage cell turnover, which awakens dormant follicles. With these substances, we can execute a variety of rituals, such as shiro-abhyanga (hair oiling), sambrani (dhoop for hair care), shirodhara (Ayurvedic healing procedure), and shirolepam (hair masks).

Shirolepam: Ayurvedic herbal hair care practise that comprises applying a hair mask to strengthen hair follicles, promote hair growth, combat dandruff, and stop premature greying. First, massage a natural oil into your hair, such as hibiscus or aloe vera oil. Depending on the Dosha and type of hair you have, a natural powder is created. This is combined with water or rosewater to create a paste that must be applied to the entire scalp. Then, to help the scalp retain the benefits of the oils and paste, it is wrapped with banana leaves or a warm towel. Here is a homemade herbal mask recipe that you may prepare at home. For best results, repeat this at least twice per week.

Add two spoons each of fresh hibiscus leaves, amla powder, and shikakai powder. Make a coarse mixture by crushing.

Add rose water or fresh aloe vera gel to this paste.

Apply this paste evenly over the scalp after dividing it.

Wrap a warm towel around the head.

After 30 minutes, shampoo your hair naturally.

Make a bun in your hair to keep the mask compact and help it penetrate your hair more deeply.

A fantastic practise powder The Keshamrut Hair & Scalp Cleanser, called Shirolepam, is created using a 150-year-old Himalayan formula. Shikakai, areetha, kalonji, turmeric, amla, and hibiscus are just a few of the herbs used to make this powerful herbal pack and powder shampoo. This powder can be used to make a thick paste that treats dandruff, soothes itching, and moisturises the scalp.

Giving dry, brittle hair moisture and conditioning is a crucial component of hair growth. Hair follicles and hair texture can often be harmed by styling, colour treatments, and heat styling. The scalp then needs the right nutrition to encourage cell turnover, awaken dormant hair follicles, and enhance hair texture and lustre. Coconut, sandalwood, vitamin E, and aloe vera are just a few ingredients that have a significant impact on softening and detangling the hair. This makes the hair less frizzy and dull and less likely to fall out. For dry hair, try this efficient DIY conditioning mask.

Cold-pressed coconut oil, 2 tablespoons

Aloe vera gel, 1 scoop.

coconut milk, 1 tablespoon

1 capsule of vitamin E

Apply evenly on the scalp and down the hair till the ends after combining the ingredients in a bowl.

After 30 minutes, remove with a natural shampoo.

Numerous variables, including genetics, environment, food, stress levels, lifestyle, and the products you use, affect the health of your hair. Eating foods that are good for your hair, such as spinach, avocado, flaxseeds, capsicums, and lemon, is another crucial change you must make. Yoga asanas that encourage blood flow to the scalp are also very useful to practise. Halasana, Shirsasana, and Sarvangasana are a few examples of these poses that all bring new, oxygenated blood to the scalp. Another significant habit that promotes healthy hair development and lowers cortisol levels in the body is meditation. To see a progressive change in your body, use these herbs and practises from India. Nature has concealed many beauty secrets for us to discover, and our Indic sciences are a gold mine for them.