How To Make Garlic Bread ?

If you are uncertain of ordering in from the eating place, it does mean you cannot satiate your yearning for garlic bread. You can in truth get the specified components and whip it up at domestic and serve it warm.

Fomer MasterChef runner-up Neha Deepak Shah took to Instagram to percentage a recipe video for making garlic bread. Try this:

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🥖Dominos Garlic Bread🥖 Makes 3 BreadStick Loafs (Divide dough into 3 or if you want big ones then 2) 🌾250 g Maida or 50:50 Atta & Maida (2 cups) 💦160 to 180 g water ( around 3/4th cup) 🍞1/2 tsp Instant dry yeast (No need to activate if using Instant 😍) 🧂1 tbsp sugar 🌿2 tsp oregano seasoning (already has salt) 🧈1 tbsp soft butter 🍸1 tbsp olive Oil 🌽Some Corn meal / makki aata for sprinkling Better to bake at 220 degrees C for 10 to 12 minutes instead of 240 (CORRECTION) Additional Butter & oregano seasoning. **If using Active Dry Yeast, activate it in warm water & sugar first. 🧄 The seasoning already has a good amount of garlic but if you want your bread sticks to be more garlicky, add some grated garlic to the melted butter (used for brushing) If you don’t have corn meal, just use regular flour was rolling it. I served this with a thicker version of my Nachos Cheese Sauce 🤪

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250 g – All-motive flour or 50:50 wheat flour & all-purpose flour (2 cups)
a hundred and sixty to a hundred and eighty g – Water (around 3/4th cup)
half of tsp – Instant dry yeast
1 tbsp – Sugar
2 tsp – Oregano seasoning (already has salt)
1 tbsp – Soft butter
1 tbsp – Olive Oil

Some Corn meal or makki aata for sprinkling


* In a bowl, upload flour, yeast, sugar and oregano seasoning. Mix the dry substances very well.

* Now pour some warm water and knead a gentle dough.

* Transfer the dough to a flat platform. Put a few gentle butter and hold mixing the dough with it.

* Once the butter is blended properly, start adding olive oil.

* While kneading, do the windowpane test occasionally, this is, stretch the dough to peer if it breaks. Knead until the dough does now not wreck.

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* Put all of the kneaded dough together and tuck it in, and put it in a bowl greased with oil. Rest the dough for about an hour or till it has doubled in size.

* Take it out of the bowl and placed it on a flat surface. Gradually flatten the dough. Put some corn meal on the floor and roll the dough on it.

* Put a few butter at the dough with a broom and sprinkle a few oregano seasoning. Fold the flattened dough and seal the rims. Apply a few butter on it over again with a broom. Top it with oregano seasoning.

* Make cuts of equal sizes into the dough and transfer it to a baking tray covered with a parchment paper. Cover the tray and rest it for approximately an hour.

* Bake the dough in an oven preheated at 220 degrees Celsius for 10-12 mins. Once the bread is baked, apply a few butter with a broom and serve it with a cheesy dip.

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