How to prepare for Kerala PSC examination

The Kerala Public Service Commission’s Graduate-Level Preliminary Examination has been completed. The test is required for hiring for a number of positions, including university assistant and sub-inspector. The test had a high quality, nearly matching that of tests given by the Union Public Service Commission, or UPSC.

The first-phase question paper contains the answers to the second- and third-phase tests. Both English and Malayalam versions of the questions are accessible. Those who don’t speak Malayalam well can read the questions and answers in English. The Malayalam questions were challenging for many applicants to read, comprehend, and answer.

Everyone may answer up to 30 questions; however, the remaining questions were of an above-average level.

The applicants were really confused by the statement-form questions. They wasted a lot of time reading and comprehending each question before responding. Many still struggled to find the right answers after that.

Candidates who answered the questions in the first phase of the English, Math, and Malayalam sections while keeping the statement questions for the second phase were likely to receive high scores. After responding to the questions in this part, you should attempt the general knowledge questions on the exam. The time can only be effectively used after then. Those trying to reach the next level need to pay close attention to this.

All of the questions about Kerala history were taken directly from the PSC-published books “Kerala” and “Kerala History” by A. Sridhara Menon. To learn more about this subject, one should consult these books. Only when all three stages of the test have been completed can an approximation of the cut-off marks be made. Given the high exam quality, participants in the subsequent phases should step up their preparation. Practise as much as you can with the statement questions.

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