If it get out of hand, you won’t get it; We could be home for a nice tomorrow

Only essential services and freight traffic are exempted from this lock-down.

But despite the directives of the authorities and the police, some are still roaming around making unnecessary demands without realizing the seriousness of the incident. This makes the authorities very worried and disturbed. Asif Ali says that now we can stay home for a lot of people who are suffering for us. Asif said this through social media.Asif says he has returned from filming in Rajasthan and has been staying in Quarantine for 11 days.

I know you all stay in homes. We could be home for a nice tomorrow. The police, the health workers and everyone else are suffering for us. We must all stay at home to prevent community spread. There is one thing that the Chief Minister said. The virus can turn into something you can’t get away with. So everyone should stay at home. Asif Ali said that we should do it for the people who love us.

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