Importance of Silence in Meditation

As gregarious and communal beings by nature, most individuals find stillness to be traumatizing and unsettling. My buddies would chastise me whenever I would lapse into complacent silence. When I heard comments like “Your silence is deafening” or “It’s positively driving me nuts,” I dismissed them as being indicative of an INFT personality type according to the Myers-Briggs scale. For me, silence was a way to connect with my thoughts, and I would find it to be a rather healing experience. However, for some people, listening to their own thoughts can be terrifying; this might have something to do with the fact that their extroverted sides are more prominent in their personalities. Fear can be induced by thoughts that originate in the subconscious from a dark place.

Have you ever learned to hear the silence inside? When all is peaceful at home and the day’s responsibilities are finished, what do you do? Do you simply find yourself gazing at the television, mostly unconcerned with the monotonous babble emanating from it as your mind travels aimlessly back and forth? My friend, you have no idea of the joy you are denying yourself!

Turn off the TV and find a comfortable seat. Dim the lights and light a fragrant candle. Now, without blinking, take a gentle look at the candle flame. Simply start over with the exercise whenever you blink. It will take some time for the discomfort to stop making it blink repeatedly, but once it does, the light will turn rainbow-colored. But to get to this point, it takes at least a solid six months of consistent practice.

You can educate your brain to stop talking constantly by performing this easy exercise. Negative thoughts will undoubtedly find you while you’re staring into a candle, but you should resist allowing them to undermine your sense of self. Feel your thoughts shoulder to nothing in the candle’s heat. Burn all of them till nothing is left! The mind won’t continue to stare into the distance and won’t let its thoughts travel there. When you are calm and relaxed, make the space as silent as possible before beginning to welcome the Silence. You can tell yourself something like, “The Silence is so joyful or pleasurable,” over and over. I adore silence!

You will be more able to handle any difficult events you are dealing with if you develop the habit of appreciating the silence. The unpleasant cacophony of sounds from the outside world exposes us to too many auditory stimuli, which in turn sets off the neurological system. There is no relief from the constant hum of the AC or the whir of the ceiling fan, the creaking of the windows, the loud music playing over the loudspeakers in the neighbourhood, or the arguing of the neighbours. Our bodies become overstimulated from the constant barrage of sound and are unable to unwind.

We can find our centre and refuel by staring into candles and engaging in silent meditation. We are inundated with original ideas because stillness offers such a fertile environment. We also improve our ability to focus, which helps us nurture and realize those wonderful ideas. When we are lonely, we want for company, but when we are alone, we enjoy our own company. You can face your emotions and sentiments, you’re grounded and steady, and your thoughts won’t terrify you while you’re alone. On the other hand, loneliness encourages addiction. Addiction is a means of escaping, whereas connection encourages you to remain in the present, fully awake, and confront your issues.

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