In contrasting hues, Ranveer and Deepika ruled the red carpet

In contrasting hues, Ranveer and Deepika ruled the red carpet. Ranveer was dressed to the nines, while Deepika went with a more formal approach. Both individually and collectively, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone know how to kill it in the fashion arena.

Bollywood’s power couple is renowned for making powerful public appearances that are filled with love and admiration for one another while also setting all kinds of goals for us, from love to fashion. Ranveer and Deepika appeared together at the GQ Awards and instantly won everyone’s hearts all over again. Deepika, an absolute fashionista, is renowned for setting queenly fashion standards. Every time she shares a passage from her fashion journal, the actor reminds us how much we should admire her sense of style. On the other side, Ranveer is adored for his impeccable sense of style. The actor can make any outfit appear great by simply wearing it.

Ranveer and Deepika posed for photos together at the GQ Awards while dressed in contrasting colours. In a traditional red outfit with a flare, Deepika reaffirmed her passion for the colour, while Ranveer looked sharp in a black outfit with glitzy accents. Deepika wore a crimson corset bra with tied-around accents at the collar, and she looked regal. She teamed it with a formal pair of red trousers with ankle-flaring embellishments and an enormous red blazer. She enhanced her appearance by wearing red stilettos. Ranveer, on the other hand, praised his girlfriend, who was wearing a black coat over a green T-shirt. Additionally, he paired it with a black blazer and a pair of black satin pants that featured red and white dragon accents on one leg. In a silver-oxidized neck choker with golden chain accents covering his chest, he gave his appearance extra glitz. Ranveer looked stunning in contrast white outfits and tinted glasses.