India’s first virtual production ‘Kathanar’ starring Jayasurya started rolling

The movie ‘Kathanar’ is based on the life of a priest who was thought to have had extraordinary abilities to fight supernatural forces when he lived in the past. The team has now officially begun production on the epic fantasy, which has been in pre-production for more than a year. The movie is unique since it was the first Indian movie to be shot in three – dimensions virtually. Due to the fact that this manner of filming will be a two-part series, it will require a significant amount of time and money to prepare and get the fundamental technology correct.

The crew had previously built a massive digitally controlled set and conducted test shots a year prior, and the film series is being hailed as one of the first to be shot fully on South India’s largest modular shooting floor, measuring 40,000 square feet and constructed on a 36-acre plot of ground. The movie’s initial budget appears to have been over 90 crores, making it one of the most costly ones in Malayalam cinema. The artistically improved visuals of the historical fantasy, which is directed by ‘Home’ fame Rojin Thomas and written by rookie R Ramanathan, are unlike anything ever attempted in Indian film. The ARRI Alexa 345 cameras are anticipated to be used for ‘Kathanar.’ They are primarily employed in Hollywood movies.

The Gokulam Movies-produced ‘Kathanar’ is anticipated to be the largest movie in Jayasurya’s career to date and will be finished in the upcoming months on a tight schedule. The actor, who was most recently seen in the over-the-top thriller ‘Eesho’, will next be seen in ‘Enthada Saji,’ which will also star Kunchako Boban and Niveditha Thomas. His first movie of 2023, produced by Magic Frames, is anticipated to be a fantasy romance directed by Godfy Babu and centred on the three key actors. Soon, the movie will be released in theatres.

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