Introducing five safest countries to travel for solo women

Chinese woman looking at map

These days, a lot of young women enjoy travelling internationally alone, and current trends also indicate a lot of retired ladies travelling alone around the globe.

Data from the travel network Virtuoso shows that in 2022, there were four times as many solo female visitors over 65 than there were in 2019. Nevertheless, many female solo travellers claim that careful planning goes into their schedule in order to ensure safety.

According to WPS, the following are the top five safest countries for women:

  • Slovenia, which is ranked first on the women’s peace and security index for Central and Eastern Europe, has made significant advances in this area recently. This statistic indicates that 85% of Slovenian women are safe. Additionally, the nation’s public transportation system is secure.
  • Rwanda is an African country where 55% of the seats in Parliament are reserved for women. According to research by the Women’s Peace and Security Index, Rwanda also ranks highly on the community safety index. The nation is also placed sixth globally in the Global Gender Gap Index, which analyses how much women participate in politics, healthcare, education, and the economy.

  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) leads the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area. In terms of women’s participation in the economy and in school, Women’s equality was recently adopted in the UAE’s Parliament as well. According to research, 98.5% of UAE women aged 15 and older believed it was safe to travel alone in their city or neighbourhood at night. Another ranking of the safest cities for women travelling alone was given to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates by the travel insurance company Insure My Trip.
  • Japan is one of the world’s top ten safest countries, According to the Global Peace Index. Additionally, there are very few violent crimes and violent incidents throughout the nation. In Japan, women tourists can take advantage of special amenities like solo subway carriages, lodging, restaurants, and activities.